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"The long term effect on the economy with 1.6 trillion student loan debt and growing by 3,000 a second is damaging even if you believe in capitalism, its not good for the growth of the economy. "

—  Creston Davis

February 24, 2021


Food Cooperative

“The seven generations idea is that at a policy level our decisions are based on consideration for seven generations down the line. There are so many terrible things you can’t do if you’re thinking about the habitability of the planet and wellbeing of  people, animals, and plants in the future.” 

-Beth Neff

February 17, 2021


Home-Sharing Platform Cooperative

"We always use the word GLOCAL, being global but giving privilege to the local and making the local more visible in the global.”

-Johnathan Reyes

February 10, 2021


Local Crowd-funding Dinner

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"We rely on outdated infrastructure to solve our problems, we wait for philanthropy or for the wealthy to come in and save us. I don’t think it's a saving, I think we are already saved. We are resilient, Detroiters are bold, brave, and beautiful."

-Amy Kaherl

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