March 3, 2021


Global Center of Advanced Studies

Cooperative College


The Global Center for Advanced Studies otherwise known as GCAS, is the world's first institution of higher education cooperatively owned by the faculty, staff, investors, and graduates utilizing blockchain and their own cryptocurrency. They offer a high-quality, debt free education, designed for students to challenge the status quo and co-create regenerative systems.

February 24, 2021



Food Cooperative

   St. Louis, Missouri

Equipped with a fully-licensed kitchen, diner, and food collective, they have implemented a unique model where workers, consumers, and producers work reciprocally as owners. Diner workers, non-working public participants, as well as aspiring, emerging, and professional culinary artists collaborate to grow, purchase, prepare, cook, and serve high-quality food.

February 17, 2021



Home-sharing Platform Co-op


Fairbnb is a global cooperative that is a non-extractive alternative to existing home-sharing platforms. They offer authentic and sustainable travel experiences while funding the development of local community projects.

February 3, 2021


Ministry of Space Collective

Sustainable Urban Development 

                       Belgrade, Serbia

Founded in 2011 with the aim of reflecting on the future of cities. They act in the field of urban and cultural policies, sustainable city development, fair use of common resources, and the involvement of citizens in the urban development of their environment. 

February 10, 2021



Local Crowdfunding Dinner 


Soup is a micro-granting dinner that offers a platform to support creative local projects in communities around the world. It eliminates barriers that local projects have to deal with in order to get funding, fosters dialogue on community needs, and allows a space for community change-makers to be heard.

December 6, 2020


Samamkaya Yoga

Back-care and Scoliosis Collective

                   New York, New York

The only yoga studio dedicated exclusively to back care and scoliosis that is owned and run by their teachers. Their aim is to make yoga accessible and healing to students of all ages and abilities who are living with back injuries, chronic/acute pain, differently shaped spines/bodies, scoliosis and spinal fusions.

October 4, 2020

November 7, 2020

The Energy Co-op

        100% Renewable Energy

          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Energy Co-op offers their members an alternative to extractive, unsustainable energy companies. It's 100% local renewable energy that not only has the best interest of their members but also the Earth. Their range includes clean electricity, heating oil, and renewable natural gas at affordable prices. 

Kola Nut Collaborative


       Chicago, Illinois 

Mutual support network of people engaged in an exchange of services, skills, and goods through a timebank where the currency is an hour of time for everyone. Through membership in the Kola Nut Collaborative, people create and strengthen community bonds, create economic freedom by providing an alternative means to get needs and desires met, and encourage creativity in redefining self-sufficiency, interdependence and valuation of time. 



September 4, 2020


Association of Co-ops


The Arizmendi Association is a cooperative made up of nine member businesses: six cooperative bakeries, a landscape design/build cooperative, a construction cooperative and a development and support collective.  Members share a common mission, ongoing accounting, legal, educational and other support services, and the development of new member cooperatives are supported by the Association.



Artist Platform Co-op



Ampled offers an equitable alternative to music subscription services. It is a platform that allows artists to be directly supported by their community without intermediaries or gatekeepers. They are rooted in transparency and ethics, while being 100% democratically governed and owned by artist, workers, and the community. 

June 20, 2020

August 4, 2020



Cargo Bike Collective 

    Budapest, Hungary

Cargonomia is a degrowth experiment between three socially and environmentally conscious small enterprises operating in or near Budapest. Partners within the project include Cyclonomia (DIY Bicycle Social Cooperative), Zsamboki Biokert (organic vegetable farm and sustainable agriculture community education center), and Kantaa (self organized bike messenger and delivery company).

July 4, 2020

DC Childcare Collective

Washington D.C.

DC Childcare Collective started in 2005 to offer free childcare for social justice grassroots organizing meetings. They advocate to make childcare accessible for women of color and low income residents who are usually disproportionately affected by lack of resources. Providing a safe and engaging space for the children of activists allows them to focus on their important work.

June 12, 2020


Intentional Community 

  Staten Island, New York 


Ganas Community started in 1979 with the intention of figuring out ways to establish effective communication with one another. As membership evolves, so does learning ways of cooperation, caring for one another, and sharing resources. Their purpose is to bring reason and emotion together in daily problem solving in order to create their world, with love, the way they want it to be.

June 5, 2020


Food Delivery Co-op  

     Barcelona, Spain 


Born out of the workers struggle, Mensakas delivery service offers an alternative to the exploitation of freelance work in the gig economy. They provide social insurances, sustainable delivery options, and circulation of wealth in the local economy. Their core values are rooted in responsible and local consumption, cooperation, and community good.

May 29, 2020


Decision-Making Platform Co-op  

             Aotearoa, New Zealand


Loomio is an open-sourced software built by a worker-owned cooperative social enterprise. It was developed out of the belief that inclusive decision making can change organizational dynamics at a global scale. It offers discussion tools that make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

May 22, 2020

Karma Kitchen

Pay-it-Forward Restaurant   



What if there was a restaurant where there was $0 on the menu, your meal was a gift from someone who came before you, and to keep the chain of giving alive you pay it forward? Karma Kitchen is a volunteer run restaurant incorporating the gift economy model. Your food is served as a genuine labor of love and invites guests to participate in the circle of giving.

May 15, 2020


Ride-share Co-op   

  Montreal, Canada


Eva is a ride-share platform that started in Montreal where it is the second largest ride-share application after Uber. It offers an alternative to Uber where members are prioritized —  rider members get a cheaper price and driver members get better wages. 


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